Replacement Foam

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Foam is everywhere!  We carry the best commercial high resiliency foam; for those that prefer the very best beyond comfort and design. Certified Pure.


locally sourced & environmentally responsible

We supply more natural options

If you have a favourite piece of furniture but find the cushions are getting too soft, why not change the foam and prolong its lifespan.

Foam comes in many different qualities and grades and NOT all foam is created equal. We try to use better quality foams whenever possible. By better quality we mean heavier -for longer lasting performance, and more environmentally friendly.

Here are some foam facts you should know:

  • Foam density refers to weight not firmness
  • Firmness is referred to as compression
  • Higher density foams typically last longer regardless of compression
  • Environmentally friendly foams are available which rely less on petroleum based chemicals and more on renewable resources such as soy
  • We are a proud distributor of Koosh Natural
  • ¬†Although costing more up front, higher density foams will last longer and over time will provide the better value
  • If we have the foam in stock, most of the time we can replace the foam in a single day

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Foam for any application – we have you covered

Foam is the key comfort

Koosh Natural

For those that prefer the very best and think beyond comfort and design | Natural foam for long lasting and real comfort.



Koosh Natural (KN) is the World’s First Soy-based High Resiliency foam. It is a premium high density and high resiliency foam that is used in commercial applications because it provides the best comfort, support and durability. Not only does it maintain its shape and firmness much longer than conventional polyurethane grades Koosh Natural foam does not off-gas and is certified pure.


Reduced carbon footprint


High performing eco-friendly foam


Outperforms conventional foam

Koosh is for people that prefer the very best and think beyond just comfort and design. It is the best comfort ingredient used in high-end furniture (seat and back cushions) and mattress applications. It is good for you and the environment.